Been gone a long time

Update time!

Basically, I haven’t posted in over a year now, so allow me to offer you updates.

I graduated from Westwood on May 31. During that time, I made a movie called The Pure Games, directed by my friend, Jayce. It’s based on the Hunger Games and while I think we could have worked a little harder and been a little more careful it, I still think it turned out well.

I was also accepted into the Communications Magnet at Richardson High School in March after interviewing in February.

I started 9th grade at Richardson High School in August. Communications is fun, kind of. I took an AP class, AP Human Geography. It’s the hardest class I’ve ever taken and I really want this year to be over so I don’t have to worry about the dreaded time-consuming Cornell Notes until next August. Also, Team Sports. It’s my easiest class but it’s still agonizing because it takes forever and there are jerks aplenty.

I’ve also started production of a movie called The Pale One with Jayce. We’re in the scriptwriting stage at the moment so it won’t be until at least next month that we start filming. I’ll go into more detail about it in another post.

Aside from that, everything’s as chaotic as usual.
Bye bye

School on Monday

Well, tomorrow is my last day of freedom. I had an awesome summer. Well, I guess I’m going to go through another long, difficult, boring year like last year except I went through more trouble to make sure things were all sorted out this year. I already have to sort out a schedule mixup and I’m worried I’m going to start in a class with some of my friends but then get moved to one without any. Wow, could things get any worse?

Anyway, here’s my schedule:

1- Science, Hall

2- German, Smith

3- Leadership- Karinja

4-Math- Gilliland

5-Social Studies- Barnhard

6-Language Arts- Edwards


Advisory- Gilliland

The problem here is Athletics; I signed up for PE and Athletics is always during 7th period. I’m not actually doing Athletics until the 2nd semester and I’m still not sure if I’m going to do it. See, in April or something, maybe March, one of the coaches came to me and said that I had been signed up for Athletics during the first semester, which is football not basketball, and he said he wasn’t sure whether that was a mix-up or intentional. I told him that I hadn’t signed up for football and a couple of days later I went to the schedules office and asked for a schedule change. She said that she’ll change it and that if I don’t make the team I can take health in the 2nd semester so all was well and I still remember that because I figured they’d screw it up, and I was right. So, now I have to go through the trouble of rechanging my schedule AGAIN so that I don’t get stuck playing football.

Short version: School is here real soon, schedule people mess up my schedule, I have to change and I do not want to be separated from friends.

aw come on

Apparently, the schedule pickup was YESTERDAY. I would have never found out if I had never called my friend to ask him about it. Thank you, Westwood for not letting me know when it was. I confirmed it through the website which I forgot existed until today. Thankfully, I’ll head over to the school on Friday to get all I need and I’ll be set.


ALL IS WELL (i hope)


School starts soon

School starts on August 22nd. I think the schedule pickup is on the 18th. Well, no, I’m not ready and I know 8th grade is going to feel just as long as 7th grade did and just as difficult. What I’m also worried about is whether I’m going to end up in the same classes as my friends and whether I’ll get a nice teacher or not. It’s kind of weird because I’m looking at the posts I made before school ended and now I’m going back and it feels like I made those posts yesterday. I wish school went as quickly as summer did and I would be a lot happier.